Green Prosperity is a joint effort by 20 of Ontario’s leading environmental organizations to put forward an action agenda for the province that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in the new green economy.



ecojustice_ca @ecojustice_ca
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
Enbridge stands ground, tells regulator that Line 9 design is safe | CTV News - Mozilla Firefox 

envirodefence @envirodefence
EnvironmentalDefence  @envirodefence
RT @tcktcktck: A picture is worth 1,000 words: photo exhibit of people & places at risk by #EnergyEast via @envirode… 

CAPE_Doctors @CAPE_Doctors
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
Great learning opportunity in #Ottawa: Prenatal Environmental Health Forum on Nov. 20-21, 2014 @ UOttawa @PEHEForum 

SPStensil @SPStensil
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
"Insurance industry can provide a lot more insurance to nuclear industry" insurer tell international group of #nuclear lawyers. 

CheriseBurda @CheriseBurda
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
Because of limited sun Stockholm builds lots of midrise in city centre and suburban hubs that will be connected by LRT #onpoli 
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
Stockholm is using congestion tax to build LRT around the city connecting suburban hubs. #TOpoli 

Smart urban design could save lives in future heatwaves via @ConversationEDU #UrbanForest