Green Prosperity is a joint effort by 20 of Ontario’s leading environmental organizations to put forward an action agenda for the province that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in the new green economy.



ecojustice_ca @ecojustice_ca
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
Check out this video: A Greener York - The importance of protecting nature 
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
More than half of Ontario bees died during harsh winter. Polar vortex, pesticide damage are contributing factors 

envirodefence @envirodefence
EnvironmentalDefence  @envirodefence
Ordinance blocks #tarsands pipeline in South Portland, Maine. Find our what this means for #line9. #onpoli 

CAPE_Doctors @CAPE_Doctors
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
CAPE Director Gideon Forman explains why reducing #fossilfuel use is important to health of sea life. #climatehealth 
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
RT @globeandmail: More than half of Ontario honey bees did not survive the winter From @ericatkins2 

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ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
RT @kthomas_share: Harper gave $13m to CRA to chase charities like @PENCanada; only $3m/yr to chase $7.8 billion loss/yr in #taxhavens ht… 
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
@nukereaction @plutoniumpage The regulator wants to protect the fish in this case. Here's an example from Ontario: 

CheriseBurda @CheriseBurda
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
RT @CodaURBAN: Failing golf courses in US increasingly being targeted as mixed use infill development. Courtesy of @SprawlRepairMnl http://… 
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
Im in MaRs and overhear this conversation: "This robot is going to be groundbreaking". I love this place. 

Tune in to @gilldeacon @CBCHereandNow this aft 3:40pm to here all about Urban Wood Utilization! Join the tour 7pm