Green Prosperity is a joint effort by 20 of Ontario’s leading environmental organizations to put forward an action agenda for the province that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in the new green economy.



ecojustice_ca @ecojustice_ca
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
Ontario pledges to push for review of mercury poisoning for First Nations - Toronto 
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
Canadians deserve the legally recognized right to drink clean water, breathe fresh air & eat healthy food #Bluedot 

envirodefence @envirodefence
EnvironmentalDefence  @envirodefence
Has the ministry been “limiting information” to media around the 2013 tar sands leak in Cold Lake, AB? 

CAPE_Doctors @CAPE_Doctors
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
“Time to act” says @BarackObama, every decade the cost to curb climate disruption increases 40% #cdnpoli 
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
RT @TRECEducation: Have you ever seen inside a wind turbine? Now's your chance! Sign up for Climb The Turbine http:/… 

SPStensil @SPStensil
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
RT @Greenpeace: In a shocking case of intimidation, 4 Indian activists were arrested in May for peacefully protesting against @Essar's mini… 

CheriseBurda @CheriseBurda
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
@univrsle @c_9 Thanks! "Detropia" great flick too touches on how car dependency contributed to economic challenges,both personal & municipal 

What she said! Our urban forest needs tender loving care via @wr_record 
RT @TCATonline: Bloor & Yonge will be "paved parks" for two Sundays to promote physical activity, social connectivity, accessibility: http:…