Green Prosperity is a joint effort by 20 of Ontario’s leading environmental organizations to put forward an action agenda for the province that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in the new green economy.



ecojustice_ca @ecojustice_ca
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
Alarming that killer whale draft action plan doesn't mention major threats of shipping traffic & oil spills 
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
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EnvironmentalDefence  @envirodefence
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CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
Action alert! Stop further gutting of the #FisheriesAct! Send a your message at: @E4Dca 
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
Ontarians can breathe a little easier now -- Thunder Bay GS has burned its last lump of #coal #climatehealth 

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ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
@SuzanneWaldman @elttesitram Ah. Ok. It didn't come across that way but that was probably due to the cacophony of tweets. 
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
@SuzanneWaldman @elttesitram Suzy you didn't seem to hold this position a few weeks ago when it came to nuclear advocates. Change your mind? 

CheriseBurda @CheriseBurda
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
RT @CarolineLGrech: So refreshing watching 3 intelligent women talk about our transportation challenges on @TheAgenda @CivicActionGTA 

What can happen with fallen trees after the ice storm? Lisa's blog "More Than Mulch" gives us ideas #UrbanForest 
Hey! See you tree-lovers tonight at the LEAFy Drinks Revival!! #UrbanForest