Green Prosperity is a joint effort by 20 of Ontario’s leading environmental organizations to put forward an action agenda for the province that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in the new green economy.



ecojustice_ca @ecojustice_ca
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
RT @wildernews: RT @TorranceCoste: "This is an ill-advised + incredibly stupid decision" - Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on #SiteC approval 
Ecojustice  @ecojustice_ca
MT @Sierra_BC: "If #SiteC dam goes ahead we will lose our land" - Arlene & Ken Boon, 3rd gen farmers @SavePeaceValley 

envirodefence @envirodefence
EnvironmentalDefence  @envirodefence
Check out these moving photos of places at risk by TransCanada's #EnergyEast pipeline 

CAPE_Doctors @CAPE_Doctors
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
Catherine Donnelly Fdn to divest Fossil Fuels from investment portfolio, citing financial and environmental concerns 
CAPE  @CAPE_Doctors
Please let all levels of gov't know you support action to protect bees from neonics #savethebees #RightTrack4ONBees 

SPStensil @SPStensil
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
#Switzerland lobbying to introduce stricter safety provisions for #nuclear power plants worldwide via @IFSN_CH 
ShawnPatrick Stensil  @SPStensil
RT @IRENA: IRENA’s 5th Assembly is in one month. Many announcements to come so stay tuned & follow live: #IRENAnews… 

CheriseBurda @CheriseBurda
Cherise Burda  @CheriseBurda
Last minute decision leaving for Hawaii for 3 wks. Do I leave laptop at home? #workaholic 

@GreenInfraOn just released "tree" awesome new videos on #greeninfrastructure. Check them out: #green4life 
Blushing from this lovely article about our programs - but we couldn't have done it without your support @opg !