Expose toxic use to give consumers better choices

People have the right to know about potentially toxic or cancer-causing ingredients in the products they use. By requiring product manufacturers and service providers, such as dry cleaners, to disclose the substances they use, we can help people make safer product choices and create an incentive for companies to find better alternatives. This will also help to keep toxic ingredients out of the waste stream, making it safer to recycle and reuse products.  Finally, we also shouldn’t be breathing toxics, especially when they form a chemical brew. That’s why the government needs to pay closer attention to the cumulative impacts of multiple sources of air pollutants when issuing emission permits to factories, refineries and other air pollution sources.

  • Improve the public’s right to know about toxics by requiring full ingredient disclosure on product labelling and full disclosure of chemical use by dry cleaners.
  • Ensure companies have a strong incentive to eliminate toxics through the extended producer responsibility measures found in the newly passed Waste-Free Ontario Act.
  • Require an assessment of cumulative impacts before issuing new air emission permits.

Information contact:

Maggie MacDonald
Toxic Program Manager
Environmental Defence
416.323.9521 x251